2021GB04-027 ★★★★ Draconoid Destroyer "Zmei" Unit

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You buy the card: 2021GB04-027 Draconoid Destroyer "Zmei"
Edition of the Card: Become the Hero!
Rarity of the card: ★★★★
ATK 7/HP 8/STK 3 Level: 4
Faction: ATLAS Attributes : 0
Ability:OD  TD 
Illust :
Yu Cheng Hong
Card Text :
【Discount】: You may [Remove 3 cards with 【CNT】 in your graveyard from the game.] to instead pay a cost of 2 to play this. 【Sentinel Summoning】 (During your opponent's turn, this can be normal summoned from your hand as an instant action.) 【OD】【TD】 "Megaflame Blaster Z": Choose 1 or more enemy units and divide 5 damage among them.
Flavor Text:
Shortly after acquiring the corpse of the Great Beast, G&G rolls out a brand new warmachine of shocking size and power. Coincidence?
Information about the extension:

Welcome again, Rulers! The long-awaited news of Gate Ruler Booster SetVol4 are here! Today we want to introduce the new set of Gate Ruler, Become the hero!, which will be released on May 13th! Lets have a look at the contents of the new set!
Become the hero!

- (1 Star) 46 different cards
- (2 Stars) 21 different cards
- (3 Stasr) 18 different cards
- (4 Stars) 23 different cards
- (Legend Rare) 4 different cards
- Ruler 5 different cards

- Character Ruler 10 different cards
- Secret cards X different cards

Total 127 different cards + X unique cards (On the cards, more stars means higher rarity)

Cards went out directly of the Booster
Series: 2021GB04 : Become the Hero!
Référence : 2021GB04-027
The series contains : 127 + ?? Cards
Publisher: Osaka-based company Daiyu
Language of the Card: Anglais
release: 13/05/2022

2021GB04-027 Gate Ruler
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