OP OP02-065 R Mr.3(Galdino) OP02-065 One Piece
  • OP OP02-065 R Mr.3(Galdino) OP02-065 One Piece

OP OP02-065 R Mr.3(Galdino)

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You buy the card:OP02-065 Mr.3(Galdino)
Edition of the Card: PARAMOUNT WAR
Number : OP02-065
Name: Mr.3(Galdino)
Color : Blue
Rarity : R
Cost/Life : 4
Power : 5000
Type : Impel Down/Former Baroque Works
Counter+ : 1000
Attribute : Special
Trigger :
Text : [Blocker] (After your opponent declares an attack, you may rest this card to make it the new target of the attack.) [End of Your Turn] You may trash 1 card from your hand: Set this Character as active.
Information about the extension:

A second booster themed around PARAMOUNT WAR! Featuring characters such as Whitebeard Pirates, the Three Admiral, Ivankov, and many others who went on a rampage in PARAMOUNT WAR!
Also includes a number of cards that can enhance the deck to be released simultaneously!
Full-fledged inclusion of the new Black color cards! Enhancing the decks to be released simultaneously and including new combinations of multicolored leaders, such as the red and black GARP, and more!
Adding a new range of strategies through combos never seen before!

Total : 121 types
Leader: x8
Common: x45
Uncommon: x30
Rare: x26
Super Rare: x10
Secret Rare: x2
Cards went out directly of the Booster
Référence : OP02-065
The series contains : 121 cards
Publisher: Bandai
Language of the Card: Anglais
release: 09/03/2023
OP02-065 One Piece
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