BFE D-CBT/0079EN C Demon Slay Bloodwind Wall

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You buy the card: D-CBT/0079EN Demon Slay Bloodwind Wall
Edition of the Card: Dragon Fighters
Rarity of the card: C
Clans : Danger World
Type of card : Spell
Serial reference : D Climax Booster
Information about the extension:

"Dragon Fighters" is the 1st D Climax Booster released in the Japanese and English formats.

  • Contains 103 cards + 4 BR + 25 SCR (8 RRR | 12 RR | 23 R | 30 U | 30 C).
  • Includes further support for ALL Worlds.
  • Includes a number of reprints.
Cards went out directly of the Booster
Series: Buddyfight
Référence : D-CBT/0079EN
The series contains : 132 Cards
Publisher: Bushiroad
Language of the Card: Anglais
release: 24/02/2017

D-CBT/0079EN Buddyfight
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