CFV G-FC02/018EN Wings of Annihilation, Blade Wing Tibold


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You buy the card: G-FC02/018EN Wings of Annihilation, Blade Wing Tibold
Edition of the Card: Fighter's Collection 2015 Winter
Rarity of the card: RRR
Clans : Dark Irregulars
Rank : 4
Tigger : -
Information about the extension:

Fighter's Collection 2015 Winter

"Fighter's Collection 2015 Winter" is the 4th Fighter's Collection Pack released in the Japanese and English formats and the 2nd G Fighter's Collection Pack released.

  • Contains 48 cards (8 GR, 16 RRR, 24 RR).
  • There are 47 new cards and 1 reprint with new artwork.The reprint for this set is Twinkle Happiness☆, Pacifica
  • Includes further support for all 24 clans (※excluding Cray Elemental, Etranger and Touken Ranbu).

Cards went out directly of the Booster
Series: Fighter's Collection 2015 Winter
Référence : G-FC02/018EN
The series contains : 48 (8 GR, 16 RRR, 24 RR) Cards
Publisher: Bushiroad
Language of the Card: Anglais
G-FC02/018EN Carte Vanguard