CFV D-VS04/007EN RRR Black Spark, Munkar

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You buy the card: D-VS04/007EN Black Spark, Munkar
Edition of the Card: D-VS04 : V Clan Collection Vol.4
Rarity of the card: RRR
Clan : Angel Feather
Grade 0 Power 5000 / Shield 30000
Skill : [ACT](VC):[COST][Lock one of your rear-guards with "Revenger" in its card name], choose three of your units with "Revenger" in their card names, and they get [Power] +5000 until end of turn.
[AUTO](VC)[1/turn]:This ability's cost is reduced by [Counter-Blast]1 for each of your locked cards. At the end of the battle this unit attacked, [COST][Counter-Blast]3 & discard three cards from your hand], choose up to two of your [Stand] rear-guards, and lock them. Then, if you have two or more locked cards or five cards in your damage zone, [Stand] this unit.

Information about the extension:

Featured Clans     Angel Feather, Shadow Paladin, Gold Paladin, Nubatama, Tachikaze, Nova Grappler, Link Joker, Dark Irregulars, Gear Chronicle, Granblue, Great Nature, Neo Nectar
Card Types     84 types of cards (37 new cards / 47 reissue cards)
(RRR: 84) + Parallels: 15 types (VSR: 3 + SP: 12)
※VSR = Vanguard Secret Rare
Cards went out directly of the Booster
Series: V Clan Collection Vol.4
Référence : D-VS04/007EN
The series contains : 84 Cards
Publisher: Bushiroad
Language of the Card: Anglais
release: 04/03/2022

D-VS04/007EN Vanguard
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