WXDi-P02-082[EN] C Gamigin, Doomed Evil

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Vous achetez la carte : WXDi-P02-082[EN] Gamigin, Doomed Evil
Edition de la Carte :WXDI-P02 Changing Diva
Rarity : C Artist : あまな
Card Type : SIGNI
LRIG Type/Class : Idle Tone:Demon Color : BLACK / Level : 1 / Limits : Power
Skill : Text Card : When this card is put into your trash from your deck, if it's your turn, you may pay . If you do, target SIGNI on your opponent's field gets -3000 power until end of turn.
Information sur l'extension :

CHANGING DIVA" is the third expansion pack of "WIXOSS ENGLISH EDITION".
It is related to the 4  constructed "DIVA DEBUT DECK" that have already been released.

And Akino (No Limit), LOVIT (Card Jockey), Bang (Uchu no Hajimari), and Madoka (DIAGRAM) will appear as the new Center LRIGs for each team! With CHANGING DIVA's new Center LRIGs,

you can enjoy new strategies!

·96 Cards ?PI,SR are foil cards.

PI(Piece Rare)        6 types
SR(Super Rare)     12 types
L(LRIG Rare)         28 types
R(Rare)                  15 types
C(Common)           35 types*
*7 reprinted cards are included
·82 Parallel Cards  ?All foil cards
DiR(Diva Rare)      4 types*
SCR(Secret)        12 types*
L(LRIG Rare)       16 types
R(Rare)                15 types
C(Common)         35 types
?Specifications and designs may be subject to change.
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Série : WXDI-P02 : Changing Diva
Référence : WXDi-P02-018[EN]EN
La Série comporte : 96+82 Cartes
Editeur : Takara Tomy
Langue de la Carte : Anglais
Date de sortie : 18/03/2022

WXDi-P02-082[EN] C Wixoss
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