WXDi-P06-082P[EN] P/C Microscopium, Natural Planet

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Edition of the Card:WXDI-P06 WELCOME BACK DIVA ~selector~
: P/C :
Card Type : SIGNI
Color : / Level : 2
Skill :
Information about the extension:

WXDi-P06 WELCOME BACK DIVA ~selector~ is the 41st booster pack of the WIXOSS TCG.

This booster pack introduces Urith, Piruluk and Yuzuki to the Diva Selection format as center LRIGs, alongside introducing Midoriko and Hanayo with WXDi-D08 DIVA DEBUT DECK WHITE HOPE. This set also includes "Memory SIGNI," SIGNI versions of past LRIGs including Eldora, Hanare, Remember, Milulun, Iona, Ann. Both memory SIGNI and the LRIGs of this set have special alternate illustrations.

In a change from previous Diva Selection sets, this set returns to using the LR and LC rarities over using the PI and L rarities. This set contains 13 LR, 17 LC, 12 SR, 18 R, and 32 C. 
Cards went out directly of the Booster
Series: WXDI-P06 : WELCOME BACK DIVA ~selector~
Référence : WXDi-P06-082P[EN]
The series contains : 96+85 Cards
Publisher: Takara Tomy
Language of the Card: Anglais
release: 16/10/2022

WXDi-P06-082P[EN] P/C Wixoss
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