WXDi-P07-081P[EN] C(P) Centurion, Explosive GunWXDi-P07-081P[EN] Wixoss
  • WXDi-P07-081P[EN] C(P) Centurion, Explosive GunWXDi-P07-081P[EN] Wixoss

WXDi-P07-081P[EN] C(P) Centurion, Explosive Gun

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You buy the card: WXDi-P07-081P[EN] Centurion, Explosive Gun
Edition of the Card:WELCOME BACK DIVA -Lostorage-
Rarity : C(P) Artist : Illust へいろー
Card Type : SIGNI Team : 2 Timing : 0
LRIG Type/Class : War Tone:Weapon Color : / level : 2
Skill : Text Card : ?Ener Charge 1? (Put the top card of your deck into your Ener Zone.) Put this SIGNI on your field into its owner's trash: Vanish target level three or more SIGNI on your opponent's field.
Information about the extension:

WXDi-P07 WELCOME BACK DIVA ~Lostorage~ is the 42nd booster pack of the WIXOSS TCG.

In the same way the previous booster pack introduced Selector-era LRIGs to Diva Selection, this booster introduces the Lostorage-era LRIGs Ril, Mel, Nanashi, Aya, and Dona to Diva Selection. Introduces coin based cards to Diva Selection. Features Memory SIGNI of Guzuko, Carnival and Mama. Features Center LRIGs for Ril, Dona, Aya and Mahomaho. Features assist LRIGs for Mel, Nanashi and Mikomiko. 
Cards went out directly of the Booster
Series: WXDI-P07 : WELCOME BACK DIVA -Lostorage-
Référence : WXDi-P07-081P[EN]
The series contains : 104+114 Cards
Publisher: Takara Tomy
Language of the Card: Anglais
release: 24/02/2023

WXDi-P07-081P[EN] Wixoss
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