CFV D-VS06/038EN RRR Asura Kaiser

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Usted compra la tarjeta: D-VS06/038EN Asura Kaiser
Edición de la Tarjeta: D-VS06 : V Clan Collection Vol.6
Rareza de la tarjeta: RRR
Clan : Nova Grappler
Grade 3 Power 12000 / Shield
Skill : [AUTO](VC):When your drive check reveals a grade 2 or greater card, [Stand] one of your rear-guards, and if the revealed card is grade 3 or greater, [COST][Counter-Blast 1], and that rear-guard gets [Power] +10000 until end of turn.
Información sobre la extensión:

Featured Clans     Angel Feather, Shadow Paladin, Gold Paladin, Nubatama, Tachikaze, Nova Grappler, Link Joker, Dark Irregulars, Gear Chronicle, Granblue, Great Nature, Neo Nectar
Card Types     84 types of cards (38 new cards / 46 reissue cards) (RRR: 84)
+ Parallels: 15 types (VSR: 3 + SP: 12)
Las tarjetas directamente salieron de Favorecer
Serie: V Clan Collection Vol.6
Referencia : D-VS06/038EN
La serie contiene : 84 Tarjetas
Editor: Bushiroad
Lengua de la Tarjeta: Anglais
Data de salida: 19/08/2022

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