NWE-030 N Phantasmal Dormouse


You buy the card: NWE-030 Phantasmal Dormouse
Edition of the Card: A New World Emerges
Rarity of the card: Normal
Resonator : Resonator
Attribute : Water
Information about the extension:

This world is a long way off, after the battle between Typhon and Zeus is over. This story is about a planet called "Cocoon".
Due to the epic battle between Typhon and Zeus, the ability to "Judgment" is missing, and the world changed drastically as a result.
A new planet called "Cocoon" is formed. It has 5 moons surrounding it, and its inhabitants use the sunlight from the Solaris solar system to survive. As Cocoon doesn't spin on its own, only certain parts of the planet receive sunlight from Solaris. Periodically, the amount of light will decrease, and this occurrence is what forms the nights of Cocoon. The 5 satellites revolving around are known as the "Light Moon", "Fire Moon", "Water Moon", "Wind Moon" and "Darkness Moon". And there are 3 countries basking under the sunlight of Solaris.
Mixed governing state of the Twelve Sacred Knights A mixed governing state, ruled by 12 knights; the 12 knights are either chosen by the people or ruled by a particular family. Each is ruled by, and divided into, 12 regions.
Solari, Religious Nation A religious state dominated by Solaris-ism.
Artificial Natural City Eternal A city built between islands on the sea, where science has developed. It is a city where Nature and chemistry are combined.
At the borders between the lands of the Sun and the lands of eternal Darkness lies a huge valley. There is an underground arena where various fighters fight for various things.
A vast majority of the lands of eternal Darkness are unexplored and unknown. Of the little areas that are known, there's a place called the Paramita of the Dead. A place where offerings are made to those who died in the arena, etc. A place with a dense atmosphere where, for generations, the boundary between the dead is blurred and illuminated only by the reflected light of the moonlight by the darkness moon.
In the world without "Judgment", inhabitants of Cocoon managed to obtain a similar power through contracts with 5 surrounding Moons. In the Artificial Natural City Eternal, a scientist is researching the ancient Epic Battle between Typhon and Zeus, as well as the secrets behind the power of the 5 Moons. This is the story after the invasion of Machines in the Duel Cluster!

    This is the first set in the Hero Cluster.
    Introduces the Chronogear, Gears, Moon Child, Moon Protection, Mumu Tribe, Punisher, and Twelve Sacred Knights races.
    Includes support for the Angel, Beast, Demon, Dragon, Fairy Tale, Hero, Human, Machine, Spirit, Vegetation, and Zombie races.
    Introduces the "[Bond]", "[Contract]", "[Homeland]", "[Mastery]", and "[Partner]" keywords/mechanics.

106 different cards in total.
    Rulers: 6
    Moonchild Rulers: 5
    Marvel Rares: 5
    Super Rares: 13
    Rares: 21
    Normals: 56
Cards went out directly of the Booster
Series: NWE : A New World Emerges
Référence : NWE-030
The series contains : 111 + ??? Cards
Publisher: Force Of Will
Language of the Card: Anglais
release: 26/08/2022