OP OP01-116 UC Artificial Devil Fruit SMILE

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Edition of the Card: ROMANCE DAWN
Number : OP01-116
Name: Artificial Devil Fruit SMILE
Color : Purple
Type : Event
Rarity : UC
Cost/Life : 2
Power :
Type : Animal Kingdom Pirates/SMILE
Counter+ :
Attribute :
Trigger :
Text : [Main] Look at 5 cards from the top of your deck; play up to 1 {SMILE} type Character card with a cost of 3 or less. Then, place the rest at the bottom of your deck in any order. [Trigger] Activate this card's [Main] effect.
Information about the extension:

A super strong card and character lineup to power up your Starter Decks!
Artwork includes card game exclusives, anime and manga scenes,and original illustrations!

121 card types

    ・Leader Card x 8
    ・Common x 45
    ・Uncommon x 30
    ・Rare x 26
    ・Super Rare x 10
    ・Secret Rare x 2

Cards went out directly of the Booster
Référence : OP01-116
The series contains : 121 cards
Publisher: Bandai
Language of the Card: Anglais
release: 02/12/2022
OP01-116 One Piece
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