SKL-035 Alice's Little Scout

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You buy the card: Alice's Little Scout
Edition of the Card: The Seven Kings of the Lands
Rarity of the card: C
Attribute of the card Water
Cards : Resonator
Information about the extension:

La Maraudeuse du Crépuscule

The Seven Kings Of The Lands Booster is the first set in the Force of Will “Alice Cluster” series!
New main characters for the booster include Alice, Ara, and Vu-arentinu!
Each pack is guaranteed to have a Rare card or better!
Look for new mechanics and gameplay options to incorporate the Grimm and Alice clusters!

Continual Purchase Is Encouraged:
Common and Uncommon cards have two varients, Normal and Foil
Rare and Special Rare cards have three varients, Normal, Foil, and Super Foil
Ruler cards have two varients, Foil and Super Foil

Cards went out directly of the Booster
Series: Force of Will
Référence : SKL-035
The series contains : 105 Cards
Publisher: Force of Will
Language of the Card: French
SKL-035 Carte Force of Will
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