EX3-014 AA R Dorbickmon Digimon Parallel Rare

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Vous achetez la carte : EX3-014 Dorbickmon
Edition de la Carte : DRACONIC ROAR
Rareté de la carte : R
Type : Digimon Dragonkin/Big Death-Stars Lv : Lv.6
Form : Mega Attribute : Virus
DP :12000
Play Cost:13
Digivolve 1 Cost :
4 from Lv.5
Digivolve 2 Cost :
Effect :
DigiXros -2: 5 Digimon cards w/different names + [Dragon] traits On play, place from hand/battle area under this card. Reduce play cost per card. <Rush> (This Digimon may attack the turn it was played.) [On Play] Delete 1 of your opponent's Digimon with 3000 DP or less. For each card with [Dragon], [saur], or [Ceratopsian] in one of its traits in this Digimon's digivolution cards, add 2000 to the maximum DP you can choose with this effect.
Digivoluve effect :
Security effect :
Information sur l'extension :

The theme booster Vol.3 with “dragon” theme is now available! Recording various Dramons and the Four Great Dragon Digimon, it is possible to strengthen the existing Dragon Digimon!
    Common: 26 types,
    Uncommon: 20 types,
    Rare: 18 types,
    Super Rare: 8 types,
    Secret Rare: 2 types
    *18 Parallel Rare included in this product.
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Référence : EX3-014 Parallel Rare
La Série comporte : 74 Cartes
Editeur : Bandai
Langue de la Carte : Anglais
Date de sortie : 11/11/2022

EX3-014 AA Digimon
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