2021GB02-033 ★★★★ Vilma, ATLAS Air Force Major

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Vous achetez la carte : 2021GB02-033 Vilma, ATLAS Air Force Major
Edition de la Carte : Onslaught of the Eldritch Gods
Rareté de la carte : ★★★★
ATK 3 HP 3 STK 1 Level: 1
Faction: ATLAS Attributes : Military
Illust :

Card Text :
■ "Disruption Tactics": When your opponent uses an 【OD】 or 【TD】 ability during their main phase, you may normal summon this unit from your hand without it counting for your summon cap. If you do, then negate that ability. (You must still pay this card's cost.)
Flavor Text:
ATLAS has been busy gathering gate rulers for their ability to break through dimensional barriers. They will be essential to get inside of the giant dome that has imprisoned the Middle East.
Information sur l'extension :

Welcome again, Rulers! Today we want to introduce the new set of Gate Ruler, Aces of the Cosmos, Assemble!, which will be released later this year, in October! Lets have a look at the contents of the new set!
Aces of the Cosmos, Assemble!
Release Date - October 29th, 2021

- (1 Star) 47 different cards
- (2 Stars) 21 different cards
- (3 Stasr) 16 different cards
- (4 Stars) 17 different cards
- (Superior Rare) 9 different cards
- (Legend Rare) 5 different cards
- Ruler 6 different cards
- Secret cards X different cards
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Série : 2021GB02 : Onslaught of the Eldritch Gods
Référence : 2021GB02-033
La Série comporte : 129 + ?? Cartes
Editeur : Osaka-based company Daiyu
Langue de la Carte : Anglais
Date de sortie : 30/07/2021

2021GB02-033 Gate Ruler