2021GS04-001 G&G V-3 Lufttiger

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Edition de la Carte : March with the Dragon Lords
Rareté de la carte : 0
ATK 4/HP 4/STK 2 Level: 2
Faction: ATLAS Attributes : Military
Illust :

Card Text :
Text Card Counter 【CNT】Choose 1 enemy unit and deal 3 damage to it.
Flavor Text:
The New York City headquarters of Nutec Industries seems to be the ground zero for this 'zombiepocalypse'. Secure the perimeters and gather intel on how this mess got started.
Information sur l'extension :

▪ Includes ?? different cards (1-4 copies each), for a total of 54 cards
▪ 1Rule Sheet
▪ 1Playmat Sheet
※This product contains a ready-made deck that can be played right out of the box!
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Série : 2021GS3 : March with the Dragon Lords
Référence : 2021GS04-001
La Série comporte : ?? Cartes
Editeur : Osaka-based company Daiyu
Langue de la Carte : Anglais
Date de sortie : 29/10/2021

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