2021GS04-003 Zombie Kaizer

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Edition de la Carte : March with the Dragon Lords
Rareté de la carte : 0
ATK 7/HP 2/STK 2 Level: 2
Faction: ATLAS Attributes : Zombie
Illust :

Card Text :
Text Card 【Enhance】: Zombie (As this enters play, you may choose 1 allied Zombie unit to add underneath this as a charge.) ■"Kaizer Fist" - 【Turn 1】 - Standard Action: [Put 1 of your charges into the graveyard.] Until the end of turn, this gains +1 STK. ■This cannot be placed in a defense zone 【Charge Shield】
Flavor Text:
There's the boss fight you wanted. You still want to go for the 'knife only' achievement?
Information sur l'extension :

▪ Includes ?? different cards (1-4 copies each), for a total of 54 cards
▪ 1Rule Sheet
▪ 1Playmat Sheet
※This product contains a ready-made deck that can be played right out of the box!
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Série : 2021GS3 : March with the Dragon Lords
Référence : 2021GS04-003
La Série comporte : ?? Cartes
Editeur : Osaka-based company Daiyu
Langue de la Carte : Anglais
Date de sortie : 29/10/2021

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